Boat/Watercraft Insurance

As a resident of Massachusetts, you may spend a great deal of time outdoors and maybe on the water with your boat or watercraft. The mild climate and easy access to water make being a boat owner attractive. However, as a boat owner, you are legally required to carry insurance. However, how much and what type is dependent on your state's requirements and your watercraft.

State Requirements

Bozeman Insurance Inc. is happy to serve the New England area. We understand that many Massachusetts residents are boat owners, and we want to meet our residents' needs. However, boat insurance isn't a necessity in Massachusetts. Also, Massachusetts doesn't require boat owners to have a license to operate a boat as well legally. If you are still paying for your boat or have a loan, your lender will likely require you to carry insurance to cover any damage to your boat. Also, most boat marinas require you to have liability insurance that would cover injury to others and damage to any other ships in the marina.

What Can Boat Insurance Cover?

Boat insurance includes any damage that your watercraft may sustain. However, boat insurance is designed to cover watercraft from fishing boats to yachts. However, boat insurance can cover collision damage, property damage liability, bodily injury liability, comprehensive and additional coverage options. Additional coverage could include coverage of medical bills, damaged personal property, and much more. Additional coverage options can include:

  • fishing equipment
  • oil spills
  • roadside assistance
  • damages and injuries from accidents

How Does Boat Insurance Work?

Boat insurance allows you to choose the type of coverage you need for your boat. Liability insurance covers damage up to a certain amount when you are at fault. However, other forms of insurance can be a part of your boat policy as well. You can work with your insurance agent to determine the type and amount of coverage you need for your watercraft. An agent can help guide and educate you on different types of coverage and help you determine the best coverage and coverage amounts for you.

Call Alban Insurance Agency in Massachusetts and explore all your coverage options for your watercraft. We'd be happy to help you find the best insurance coverage for your watercraft, as well as your needs.

While our office is located in Springfield, MA, we service the states of Massachusetts and Connecticut.