Condo Insurance

Many residents enjoy having condos as their permanent residence in Massachusetts, especially in large cities that give them access to the city amenities. While working and enjoying a condo's convenience, protecting your personal property within your condo is essential and maintainable with condo insurance from Alban Insurance Agency.

Suffering from Interior Damage

Any damage that the interior area of your condo suffers is your responsibility as the condo owner. While your building COA may have a structural coverage policy, be prepared for only the community areas to include coverage. This means the hallways, exterior structure that is shared, pools, clubhouses, and lobbies. You will need an individual condo policy to protect damages that happen within your condo.

Some COA insurance policies may allow minimal coverage for interior damage. However, once you exceed that amount, you are responsible for the additional damage cost as the condo owners. Supplementing that policy with an individual policy will give you the coverage you need.

Relocation Fees

Should damage to your condo be too extreme for you to stay while it is repaired, you may need to relocate temporarily. Whether you need to rent a hotel for a few nights or an apartment for a longer time frame, you have assistance. With a condo insurance policy, many of these relocation fees are covered when the situation is accidental and not your fault.

Vandalism & Theft

If your condo is broken into and experiences damage from vandalism and theft of property, your personal condo insurance policy can cover the costs and replace items that you lost due to the incident. Without condo insurance, you may be liable to replace your own items, which can be a significant financial obligation based upon the items stolen.

Protect Your Property Today

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